What is JFLAP?

JFLAP is a tool for visualizing and experimenting with various computational models, including those we'll be using in our class. It is produced by Associate Professor Susan H. Rodger at Duke Univeristy.

Running JFLAP from a unix lab machine

To launch JFLAP from one of the unix lab machines, just type
~wcbrown/JFLAP &
at the command line.

Running JFLAP from your PC (through your Linux VM)

To run JFLAP on your PC you need two things: the Java virtual machine and the JFLAP program. I will assume you are using your CS Department VM, in which case you already have the JVM. So, to get JFLAP do the following in your CS Department Ubuntu VM:
  1. cd ~/bin
  2. scp mich302csd01u.academy.usna.edu:/home/scs/wcbrown/bin/JFLAP .
  3. chmod +rx JFLAP
And that's all it takes! From that point on, you should be able to type
to run JFLAP.