SI333: Algorithms and Functional Languages, Spring 2004

112 Jan2 (2hr), 3 (2hr)FPL: intro, arith & lists, functions, conditionals, recursion, tail-recursion
ALG: O, Θ, Ω analysis of simple iterative programs
219 Jan2 (2hr), 3 (1hr) (Mon: MLK Day) FPL: Top-down and bottom-up design in FPLs, functions as arguments
ALG: Analysis with componants,
326 Jan2 (2hr), 3 (2hr) FPL: lambda expressions as arguments
ALG: analysis-guided improvement
42 Feb2 (2hr), 3 (1hr)FPL: functions as return values, currying, Eval
ALG: analysis of recursive algorithms, recurrence relations, solving recurrence relations
59 Feb2 (2hr)(X Week, 6-week Exam (1 hour))
FPL: breaking the functional paradigm (set!, vector, closures)
Review (1 hour)
616 Feb2 (2hr), 4 (1hr) (Mon: Pres Day)
FPL: Closures and OOP in functional languages,Breaking the functional paradigm loops, Another look at what makes an FPL
ALG: Divide and conquor
723 Feb4 (4hr) ALG: Divide and Conquor
81 Mar4 (1hr), 5 (3hr) Divide and Conquor, Memoization and dynamic programming
98 Mar5 (1hr), 6 (3hr)Memoization and dynamic programming, Greedy algs
1115 Mar - (Spring Break)
1022 Mar6 (3hr), 8 (1hr)Greedy algs, Number Theoretic Algs & Cryptography
1229 Mar8 (2hr)(X Week, 12 Week Exam)
Number Theoretic Algs & Cryptography (review 1 hr)
135 Apr8 (1hr), 1 (1hr), 7 (2hr) Number Theoretic Algs & Cryptography, Ethics & crypto, P/NP
1512 Apr7 (4hr)P/NP
1619 Apr9 (4hr)Amortized Analysis
1726 Apr10 (5hr)(5 lecture hours!)Computational Geometry, SOFs

Christopher W Brown
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