Class 1: Intro

This semester in your CS/IT matrix!
This semester is a tough one, but a great one. If you survive, you'll come out knowing a whole lot about how how computers work!

Programming Paradigms
A programming paradigm is a model of what a program is or looks like. There are many different programming paradigms. From IC210, we would say: a program is a collection of functions; functions consist of a sequence of statements; statements are either simple statements (e.g. assignements), or control flow structures (if, while, for). This view of what a program is, this paradigm, is called procedural programming.

This course is about a different paradigm: object oriented programming, also known as OOP.

The language we'll be writing our OOP programs in is Java. Dr. Crabbe's notes address why we're using Java and not C++.

Compiled vs. interpreted vs. bytecode compiled
We talked about this in some detail. Dr. Crabbe's notes cover it well.

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