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  1. Make sure you have your VM!
    If you still have (and can use!) your VM from IC210, you're good to go. Otherwise, you need to install it. Here are the directions:
    1. Go to LCDR Kenny's software page and download the file IC210-LiveCD.iso linked on that page.
    2. Follow the directions there to download VMPlayer (see Note 1) and and to set up VMPlayer on your Windows Laptop (see Note 2). These directions will create a Virtual Machine (VM) image on your computer from the .iso file. This VM image will live on your Windows laptop, and you will be able to run it whenever you need a Unix machine to work on.
    3. Important: A few tips for using your VM:
      • ctrl-alt-esc gets you back your cursor if its "stuck" in the VM
      • ctrl-alt-enter toggles back and forth between fullscreen mode
  2. Mount your CS Department Unix home directory
    Note: This should be done after your section has met for Lab 1.
    1. In a terminal window of your virtual machine, give the command csunixmount. This creates a directory named csunix in your home directory on the VM, and mounts your CS Department Unix home directory there. I.e. ~/csunix on the VM is the same as ~/ on your CS Department Unix account.
    2. Give the following commands:
      cd ~/csunix/ic211/lab01
      ... and check to see that the files your created during lab01 are there!
  3. Install the java compiler and java virtual machine on your VM
    To do this, give the following command in a terminal in your VM:
    sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk
Turn In a printout of this sheet, with the below filled in. You are expected to have all this stuff working, and to get help if you don't!
  1. Did you read the online notes for lesson 1? thoroughly □    yes, but I skimmed parts □   read parts □   no □
  2. Do you have a working VM? yes □    no □
  3. Are you able to access your CS Dept Unix home directory with csunixmount? yes □    no □
  4. Do you have the Java compiler and JVM installed? yes □    no □