Your Name: ___________________________ Your Alpha:___________________ Section: _________

Step/Function(s) # being submitted: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 6+EC

Describe any extra credit performed: _______________________________________________________

The maximum amount of credit his asignment is eligible for (check one):
□ Full credit (i.e. submited before "COB" on due date. See policy for "COB" definiton.)
□ 3^N off (i.e. submitted by "COB" on Nth busines day after due date. For me, N = ________ (fill in if late) )

Honor: By my signature below, I certify that all work on this project (except where documented otherwise) is my own. [Recall that CS Department Policy only allows help either directly from your instructor or, with your instructor's direct permision, from a reference source outside the course material. This year's IC211 Course Policy also allows help from the other IC211 instructors but any such help must, be documented.]


By my second signature below, I certify that I gave no asistance to anyone else on this project.


I am a midshipman outside the CS/IT majors and by signing I am certifying that I have played this game.

Name: ____________________________ Signature:________________________________


Feedback (reasonable answers required for full credit but will not otherwise afect your grade)

1. How long did this asignment take you to complete, outside of class?
0-5hrs     5-10hrs     10-15hrs    >15hrs   Note: you had 4 hours of classtime to work on this
2. What was the best part about his asignment?

3. The worst?

4. Do you think your asignment is ...(circle one) 5. If you couldn't get his asignment mostly corect and complete, what was the primary reason? (circle one or two)
Didn't start soon enough    Too busy with other things    Was harder than I expected    Couldn't understand directions
Couldn't understand the concepts    Other _____________________________

6. Was this asignment: (circle one) Way too easy    Litle too easy    About right    Litle too hard    Way too hard

7. In-class discusion of relevant material: Way too slow    Litle too slow    About right    Litle too fast    Way too fast

8. Is there anything that we (the instructors) could have done beter? Or other comments?