SI110 - Introduction to Cyber Security, Spring AY13, Course Policy v1.0
Note: As a student in this class, you will be taught concepts and gain experience with tools that could be put to unethical uses. Don't!
Course Homepage
The course homepage is
Students are responsible for all material and assignments posted there. The course calendar on the homepage is the best place to look for such information. This website is not accessible off the yard. If you are on a movement order, you can access a mirror site at: Please only use this link when you are off the yard.
Note: Many parts of the course website do not function properly in IE (sorry about that), so do not use Internet Explorer.
Extra Instruction & Other Help
You are encouraged to go to your instructor for extra instruction (EI) when you are having trouble. How and when to schedule EI will be addressed by your instructor on the first day of class.

Your instructor should be your first source of help. However, we have other sources as well. The AcCenter has an SI110 tutor, and there is an SI110 MGSP program. You will receive further information about these sources of assistance early in the semester.

Course Coordinator
The course coordinator is Associate Professor Christopher W. Brown ( Your instructor is the proper resource for questions about the course. However, if you need assistance from someone else, feel free to contact the course coordinator.
Laptops in Class
You are required to bring your plebe-issue laptop to every class. It must have enough of a charge to last for the whole class meeting, and you must bring your power brick with you. You are strongly encouraged to bring a mouse as well. It must be up-do-date with regards to ITSD requirements, so that it is allowed on the wireless network. Along with that, you are required to know your username and password so that you can login and connect. In class, the laptops must be used solely for coursework as directed by your instructor. In particular, when the instructor says "close lids" or "stop using your laptops" you are expected to do so. Students who repeatedly engage in activities outside of the scope of the class will be marked in MIDS as not being present.
You may collaborate as much as you like on homeworks, but people with whom you work must be credited. Note that copying is not the same as collaborating, nor is it what is understood by "getting help". The actual pencil-to-paper or fingers-to-keyboard effort must always be yours, and yours alone. In particular, homeworks must be submitted individually. All work on exams must be your own.
Classroom Decorum
Beverages are permitted in classrooms provided they are in closed containers. No food is permitted.
The break-down on your final grades will be: 6-Week grades will be computed as follows: 45% Exam, 40% HW, 15% Lab
12-Week grades will be computed as follows: 50% Exam, 30% HW, 20% Lab
16-Week grades will be computed as follows: 50% Exam, 25% HW, 25% Lab

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Christopher W. Brown / Associate Professor / Course Coordinator Steve Miner / Professor / Department Chair