Important: As a new feature in this lab, we've added IRC chat servers and clients to your networks. This will give your team members a convenient way to communicated and, in particular, to share information as you attack your opponent's network. Once you've logged in to your host on the virtual network and pulled up a shell, start up the IRC client and connect to your team's IRC server as follows:
  1. In the shell enter the command: xchat&
  2. When the client comes up, choose your team's IRC network from the list of Networks, and click connect.
  3. In the resulting window, choose to join the channel #team
Important: In xchat use ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste!

Part 1 - DoS attacks from the outside
In this part of the lab, your team will try performing Denial of Service Attacks on your opponent's nameserver and webserver from outside their network. Click on the arrows next to the nameserver and webserver in the diagram to the right and look under "Denial of Service" for ideas on how to carry out attacks. This portion of the lab comes first and is really independent of the rest. We will move from Part 1 to Part 2 as a class.
[+] Team Leader Note

Part 2 - Infiltrate and attack from the inside
In this part of the lab your team try to gain access to various parts of your opponent's network in order to achieve the Major and Minor Goals listed on the right. The directions Note on Navigating through the lab below will help you get started. Note: The "sensitive data" you're looking for are tokens — silly pieces of ASCII art that represent important, secret information.

Note on Navigating through the lab
In order to provide you with the guidance you need to carry out attacks without simply turning you into script kiddies, we've provided goal-directed instructions that are accessed by clicking in regions of the diagram which appears in the top right of every page in the lab. Clicking on a region is like saying "I have this level of access on the target system, what are some possible next steps?".