SLFQ - Simplifying Large Formulas with QEPCAD B

What's the latest?
The current version of SLFQ is 1.20. This version should compile without trouble on 32 or 64 bit linux and MacOS boxes.
What is SLFQ?
SLFQ is a program for simplifying very large quantifier-free formulas. It is a command-line program with a small degree of user interaction. SLFQ simplifies formulas by repeated calls to QEPCAD B, essentially using QEPCAD B as a "black box" for simplification in a naive divide-and-conquer approach.
How do I use SLFQ?
More documentation should appear at this site soon. For the moment, please consult the documentation in the README file contained in the SLFQ installation, or take a look at this example.
How do I get/install SLFQ?
SLFQ itself is a tiny program, most of its work being really done by QEPCAD B. So, if you can get QEPCAD B installed, SLFQ should be no problem. This means that under Solaris and Linux and MacOS things should be OK.
  1. Download and install QEPCAD B version 1.69 or higher. (Instructions & Download)
  2. Download SLFQ: simplify-1.20.tar.gz
  3. Unzip and untar simplify-1.20.tar.gz.
  4. Change to the simplify directory and type "make".
  5. Hopefully the executable ./slfq is sitting in your simplify directory waiting to be used!
The README file contains directions on using and installing SLFQ. There is a directory called examples which, appropriately enough, contains some examples illustrating the use of the program.

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