Mark Woodcock

Potential Class of 2044



I have worked for the federal government for over 36 years; teaching has been a big part of that service, including several years working in my agency's internal school directly (Senior Instructor) and as an additional duty (Adjunct Faculty). My most recent assignment (before coming to USNA) was as the trainer for a massive scale Hadoop system/application which I helped develop.

I've also taught many courses at UMBC (Adjunct Faculty II), including programming languages, theory of computing, data structures, networks, security and computer organization.


Present: IC 220


Extra Instruction:

Drop-ins are fine, but scheduling gives you priority. Just send an email and let me know when you'd like to come by. Obviously, the more prepared you are (with questions, or indications of where you are confused) the more productive the time will be.


Office: 433 Hopper Hall; (410) 293-6803
Email: woodcock at


In practice, there are two big drivers on my schedule: 1) the classes I'm teaching, which are periods 9 & 10 on TR and 2) CSTS prep: which will be mainly evenings early in the spring semester and then probably more late afternoons as the semester progresses. I shouldn't be too hard to find.