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Dr. Daniel Opila


Dr. Opila
Thermal model

I initially started doing consulting work for Kellogg's in 2000 and have continued off and on in various capacities since then. My work is mostly on the research side, designing, analyzing, building, and debugging novel machines for food manufacturing. Despite their prototype nature, the machines are very similar to production equipment. They are primarily stainless steel, highly durable, sealed for a washdown environment, and usually wind up in a small-run "pilot" plant.

Some projects are for production equipment. One such project was batter and jelly depositing equipment for a new type of Eggo waffle that has a layer of jelly inside. They were called Waf-fulls (because they are full of filling) and have recently been discontinued after about 8 years. I went to the factory to install our equipment for the first production lines. It was really interesting to watch hundreds of waffles flying off the irons, through the freezers and into packages.

Eggo Waf-fulls
Eggo Waf-fulls
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