More than a Neighborhood: A History of Presidents Hill in Annapolis

This on-going project charts the development of Presidents Hill off West Street from fruit orchards in the 1840s to the vibrant downtown neighborhood it has become today. The history is based on extensive primary research in land records and newspapers as well as interviews with nearly a hundred current and former residents. The history also includes a building-by-building architectural survey of the neighborhood. When completed, this history will constitute the most intensive study ever undertaken of any neighborhood in Annapolis and perhaps in Maryland.

Postcard of the Munroe House, ca. 1905

Richard Ford bicycling on Madison Place, June 1911

Dorothy Ford Trott in Yard of 21 Madison, ca. 1928

Roland Chambers joins the Navy, 1929

Miss Samaras's fourth-grade class on Madison Place, 1968

PHCA President Barbara Nelson Mahaffay and Matthew Randolph inaugurate the slide in Presidents Hill Park, June 1997