NAME: Michael P. Parker

EDUCATION: Ph.D., Yale University, 1979
                          M. Phil., Yale University, 1978
                          M.A., Yale University, 1976
                          B.A., Yale College, 1975

DISSERTATION: "Comely Gestures: Thomas Carew and the Creation of a Caroline Poetic," directed by Louis L. Martz


Professor of English, U. S. Naval Academy, 1990-
Chair, Department of English, U. S. Naval Academy,1993-97
Associate Professor of English, U. S. Naval Academy, 1984-90
Assistant Professor of English, U. S. Naval Academy, 1979-84
Teaching Fellow, Yale College, 1977-79
Dean of Humanities, Yale Summer Term, 1977 and 1978
Researcher, Urban Planning Division, U. S. Federal Highway Administration, Summers 1973-76


Member, National Endowment for the Humanities Grants Review Panel, 1992-94
Outside Evaluator, Promotion Decision, English Department, Marquette University, 1990
President, Wilson L. Heflin Foundation, 1985-
Associate Fellow, Saybrook College, Yale University, 1984-
Reviewer of manuscripts, John Donne Journal and Naval Institute Press
Judge, Baird Prize, St. John's College, 1982


U. S. Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, 1998
Naval Academy Research Council Grants, 1997, 1989, 1987, 1984, 1981
Department Nominee, USNA Teaching Excellence Award, 1991
Honorable Mention, Baltimore Federal Executive Board Award for Community Service, March 1984
Nominee, Jaycees' "Outstanding Young Annapolitan of the Year Award," 1984
Participant, NEH Summer Seminar, "Myths of Love in the Renaissance," conducted by Robert Hanning and  David
    Rosand, Columbia University, Summer 1982
Participant, Folger Seminar, "Pastoral and Romance in Stuart England,"conducted by Annabel Patterson, Spring 1981
Participant, Folger Seminar, "Parliament and Liberty, 1558-1640," conducted by Jack Hexter, Spring 1980
Saybrook College Fellows' Prize, 1975


HE101, Practical Writing
HE111, Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature
HE111S, Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature, Honors Track
HE112, Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature
HE112V, Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature, Validators Section
HE217, World Literature I
HE219, The Literature of Classical and Christian Ideas
HE302, Forms of Poetry
HE306, Types of Fiction
HE313, Chaucer and His Age
HE314, The Renaissance Mind
HE315, Satire and Sensibility in the Age of Reason
HE317, The Romantic Vision
HE318, Modern British Literature
HE328, America's Coming of Age
HE329, Modern American Literature
HE333, Shakespeare
HE344, Professional Writing
HE461, Special Studies in the Seventeenth-Century
HE461, Modern Irish Literature
HE461, Contemporary British Literature
HE384, Stuart Britain
HE496, Directed Research


a. Yard

Member, Yardwide Promotion and Tenure Committee, Sep. 1997 -
Member, Sampson Renovation Committee, Aug. 97 - May 1998
Chair, Chairs Group, Sep. 1994 - Sep.1995
IDS Facilitator, Twenty-Third Company, Aug. 1995 - Aug. 1998
Plebe Advisor, Seventh Company, Jun. 1991 - June 1992
Member, USNA 2000 (authored Report on Counseling and Advising), Jun.-Jul. 1991
Acting Division Representative, Research Excellence Committee, 1990
Chair, Civilian Faculty Affairs Committee, Sep. 1989 - Sep. 1990
Civilian Faculty Affairs Representative to the Objectives Review Board, Sep. 1987 - Sep. 1989
Department Representative, Committee on the Proposed Humanities Building, Sep. 1986 - Oct. 1987

b. Department

Associate Chair, Aug. 1987 - May 1989; Aug. 1983 - Jun. 1984
Department Representative to Civilian Faculty Affairs Committee, Sep. 1986 - Sep. 1990
Member, Personnel Recruitment Committee, May 1989 - May 1993; May 1985 - May 1987
Member, Upper Division Curriculum Committee, May 1985 - May 1987
Member, Plebe Curriculum Committee, May 1984 - May 1986
Member, Pay Promotion and Retention Committee, May 1999 - ; May 1997 - May 1998; May 1991 - May 1993; May
    1981 - May 1983
Member, Research and Professional Development Committee, Sep. 1979 - May 1981


Member, City of Annapolis Design Committee for West Street and the Circle, Mar. 1997 -
Member, City of Annapolis Ad Hoc Committee on Special Events, Jan. - Apr. 1999
Member, Presidents Hill Community Association Board, Nov. 1992 - Nov. 1998; President, 1992 - 93 and 1999
    - 2000; Secretary, 1994 - 1998
Member, Providence Center Foundation Board, Sep. 1992 - Sep. 1997
Member, Annapolis Preservation Trust, May 1984 - Sept. 1987; President, 1985-87
Chair, City of Annapolis Bicentennial Committee, May 1982 - Nov. 1985
Secretary, Yale Class of 1975, May 1980 - May 1990
Yale University Alumni Fund Agent, Oct. 1975 - Jul. 1989


a. Books

    The Saybrook Arras. New Haven: Saybrook College in Yale University, 1984.

    Editor. Annapolis: A Walk through History. By Elizabeth B. Anderson. Centreville, MD:
Tidewater, 1984.

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d. Works Accepted for Publication:

    "Rocking the Cradle of the Navy: The Naval Academy Career of William Oliver Stevens,"
accepted by Naval History.

e. Presentations

    "Whose England? The Controversy over Jones's Restoration of Pauls and the Meaning of British History."
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A critical edition of the poems of Edmund Waller

A history of the Presidents Hill neighborhood of Annapolis