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Curriculum Vitae

Timothy D. O’Brien


EDUCATION:  Ph.D. in English, 1981; M.A. in English, 1975; and B.A. in English, 1973 from the University 
of California, Santa Barbara

DISSERTATION: Character and Authority in Middle English Literature


Middle English Literature

18th Century English Literature


Robert Frost



Names, Proverbs, Riddles, and Material Text in Robert Frost. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2010.


Articles and Reviews

“Simple Calculation in ‘Christmas Trees.”  The Robert Frost Review 25 (Fall 2015): 19-38.


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   The Robert Frost Review 25 (Fall 2015):  125-30.


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“A Paine(ful) Stay against Confusion: Robert Frost and the Great Debate.”  “The Global Frost” Panel

    at the 30th Annual MLA Convention, Vancouver, Jan 8, 2015. 


“’The Pasture’ as Robert Frost’s Great Misgiving.”  Remystifying Robert Frost” Panel at the 128th

      Annual MLA Convention, Boston MA, 3-6 Jan 2013.


“’The Lost Follower’:  Something Gold Can Stay.”  “New Work on Robert Frost” Panel at 21st Annual

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“Theorizing Frost’s Christmas Cards.”  “Frost & the Fifties” Panel at the 19th Annual American

    Literature Association Conference, San Francisco, CA, May 24, 2008.


"Textual Tree: the Prefatory Poems in Frost's The Witness Tree."  Conference of the American

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"'They Also Serve . . .':  Proverbial Sayings in Frost's Poetry."  Conference of the American Literature 
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"Traces of Medusa in the Troilus." South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, 
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"Gender, Power, and Authority in The Book of Launcelot and Queen Guinevere." Southeastern 
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"Seductive Violence and Three Chaucerian Women."  Conference of the Texas Medieval Association, 
     San Antonio, TX, September 1998.


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     Charleston S.C., March 1988.


"The Shadow and Anima in Sir Orfeo."  Conference of Southwestern Medieval Association, 
     Session on Critical Approaches to Medieval Texts.  Chattanooga, Tenn., October 1985


"Three Middle English Androgynes."  Conference of Midwest MLA, session on Feminist 
     Approaches to Literature.  Bloomington, October 1984.

    U.S. Naval Academy

 Professor, August 1994- Present  



Practical Writing

Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature


Western Literature I and II


The Bible and Literature


Forms of Poetry


Chaucer and His Age



Modern British Literature

Shakespeare and His Contemporaries


Literary Criticism


Chasing Medusa


Robert Frost: The Great Misgiver

 Associate Professor, August 1987 - June 1994  


Practical Writing


Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature


Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature


Renaissance to Revolution


The Bible and Literature


Science and Literature


Chaucer and His Age


Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

 Assistant Professor, August 1984 - June 1987  


Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature


The Bible and Literature


Chaucer and His Age


Shakespeare and His Contemporaries


Literary Criticism


Iowa State University

 Adjunct Assistant Professor, August 1981 - June 1984

                          Freshman Composition
                          Intermediate Composition
                          Business Communications


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