Tomb of Aaron

Aaron [Ar. Harun] is brother of Moses and Miriam. Q 19:53 refers to Aaron as a prophet, and in Exodus 7:1 it is stated that God made Aaron to be the prophet of Moses. Q 28:33-35 describes how God offered Aaron as the spokesperson of Moses but Aaron is given no dialogue in the Quran and is not described as having a role in the plagues (see Q 7:127-136). Aaron is associated with the Golden Calf in Q 7:150-151 and 20:80-98. Muslim exegetes report that Aaron died before entering the Holy Land, referring to Q 5:26. Some of these accounts claim that Aaron was interred in a special cave.

Christian and Jewish pilgrims visited a site near Petra, said to be the tomb of Aaron. The site was later rennovated as a Muslim shrine. Another tomb site is located near Mount Sinai in the Sinai.


Tomb of Aaron near Petra

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Tomb of Aaron in Sinai

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