Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

The Quran does not refer to the deaths of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but Muslim exegesis reports that all three of these prophets were buried in a cave in the city of Khalil (Hebron) in Palestine. Ibn Kathir reports that the tomb of Abraham, the tomb of his son Isaac, and the tomb of his grandson Jacob are in the part of the ancient city of Khalil which Solomon b. David built.

Isaac is said to have lived for a hundred years after the birth of his sons Esau and Jacob, and died when he was 170 years old. Some Muslim exegetes claim that his sons buried him in the tomb of his father Abraham, in a great field.

Muslim tradition states that Jacob settled in Egypt and lived there for seventeen years after his reunion with Joseph. Jacob bequeathed to Joseph that he should be buried with his father and grandfather, Isaac and Abraham. Joseph is reported to have taken Jacob's body and buried it in a cave in Hebron which Abraham had purchased from Ephron b. Sakhr. It is also said that when Jacob died the people of Egypt cried for 70 days, and that Joseph had the physicians of Egypt prepare his body for forty days. Muslim exegetes report that Joseph was also embalmed, placed in a special coffin, and transported with Moses and the Israelites back to Palestine where he was buried with Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham.

Jewish tradition also holds that Adam and Eve are buried in the Cave of Machpela in Hebron, and that the cave was originally a passageway to the garden of Eden.



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