Zawiyya of Qadi Iyad in Marrakesh. His body was transferred from Spain several hundred years after his death, and this zawiyya is now part of the "Seven Men of Marrakesh"--a pilgrimage to the burial sites of seven important figures buried in Marrakesh.  
The Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt is famous as the burial site for many important Egyptian kings in antiquity.
Mosque in city of Sebastiyya just outside of modern Nablus in Palestine. The mosque is said to house the head of John the Baptist. The city of Sebastiyya is the location mentioned as where John was killed by having his head removed. Other relics include the imprints left by a person's body rather than the actual body or body part.
Building in the Nabataean city of Petra. The Nabataeans carved entire cities out of rocks with elaborate tombs. Near Petra is the tomb of the prophet Aaron, brother of Moses. Other Petra Photos.  




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