The account of the Arab prophet Hud and his people, the Ad, is told in several passages in the Quran. Muslim exegetes explain that Hud is the first of four "Arab" prophets (preceding Salih, Shuayb, and Muhammad), coming after four "Syrian" prophets (Adam, Seth, Idris, Noah). According to Arab genealogists, Hud and his people were part of the "Original Arabs" [Ar. al-'arab al-'aribah] or the "Extinct Arabs" [Ar. al-'arab al-ba'idah]. Hud and the Ad are said to have lived in the winding sand-tracts of the Hadramawt.


Muslim tradition mentions different locations as being the tomb of Hud, and there are numerous places identified as shrines [Ar. maqamat] of the prophet Hud throughout the Arab peninsula and the Fertile Crescent.


Shrine of Hud in Damascus  
Shrine of Hud near Jerash  
Tomb of Hud in Hadhramawt  
Tomb of Hud near Salalah  
City of Ubar in Dhofar  



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