Q 4:157-158 states that although the Israelites claim that they crucified Jesus, he did not die but was raised up to God. Muslim exegetes report that it was a likeness of Jesus that was crucified, and that Jesus is one of four immortal prophets (Idris, Khidr, Elijah, Jesus).

Some Muslim traditions refer to the death of Jesus and his tomb. Wahb b. Munabbih reports that God allowed Jesus to be killed and then was raised up. Ibn Ishaq relates the account of Jesus' death and resurrection from Christian sources. Muslim sources also state that Jesus will return at the end of time and will be responsible for the defeat of the Anti-Christ Dajjal.

Zuraqi narrates a story in which he reports having found a great tomb on top of a mountain near Medina upon which was placed two large stones. One of the stones had writing in an ancient script which was unable to be read by anyone but a group of people from Media in Persia. The Medians said that the inscription said: "this is the tomb of the messenger of God, Jesus son of Mary, upon him be peace, to the people of this land."

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