The Quran refers to the prophethood on John [Ar. Yahya] in Q 19:12-15 and he is mentioned as the son of the prophet Zechariah in Q 3:39 and 21:90. Muslim exegetes identify Yahya with John the Baptist, that the mother of John and the mother of Jesus were sisters. Muslim tradition also recounts the meeting of John and Jesus at the Jordan river where John baptized Jesus, and describes the martyrdom of John during the lifetime of Jesus. Exegesis on Q 17:4-8 narrates how Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem because of John's martyrdom, continuing to massacre the people until the blood of John stopped boiling over.


Tomb of John within the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. Some scholars report that it is only the head of John that was found when the mosque was being refurbished during the Umayyad period. Others claim that the head of John is housed in the crypt below a mosque in the old city of Sebastiya near Nablus, and still others claim the head was buried at Muwakir and at John's baptism site near the Jordan river.


Wilderness near the Jordan river where tradition states that John baptized his followers, including Jesus. The site is on the east side of the Jordan river just opposite the city of Jericho


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