The prophet Lot (Lut) is mentioned by name 27 times in the Quran in several long passages that relate how he was sent to the people of Sodom. The cities destroyed by Godinclude Sodom, Zeboiyim [Sab'ah], Zoar [Sa'rah], Gomorrah [Amarah], and Admah [Duma]. Q 51:33-34 mentions stones of clay marked by God which were caused to rain down upon the people of Lot as punishment for their sins.


The cave of Lot is located just above the eastern edge of the Dead Sea. The Bible reports that Lot had sexual relations with his dauthers in a cave after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, and Muslim tradition locates the cities of Lot in the area of the Dead Sea. Some traditions refer to this cave as the burial place of Lot.


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