Cain and Abel

Adam directed both of Cain and Abel in offering their sacrifices and the one from Abel was accepted but not from Cain. Cain said to Adam: "It was accepted from him because you instructed him but did not instruct me." So there was enmity between he and his brother over this. That night when Abel was late for shepherding, Adam send his brother Cain to look for why he was late. When Cain met up with his brother, Cain said to him: "God accepted the sacrifice from you and did not accept it from me". Abel said: "God accepts only from the upright." Cain got angry because of this and hit Abel with a piece of iron that he had with him, and he killed him. It is also said that he killed him with a rock that he threw at his head while he was asleep, crushing him.


Crow Teaching Cain how to bury his brother Abel


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