Job was a man with a lot of property, consisting of cattle, slaves, and a lot of land. Job also had many children and a big family. But all of this was taken from him and his body was afflicted with different types of sores. There was not a single healthy member of his body except for his heart and tongue which he used to remember God. Through all of this he was steadfast, and continued to remember God, night and day, morning and evening. His sickness continued for such a long time that the people around him began to loathe him, people stayed away from him, and they eventually drove him out of the city. No one would come near him except his wife who looked after him. She remembered his good treatment of her and his compassion for her. It is established that the Prophet Muhammad said: "The most afflicted of people are the prophets, then the upright, then those like them." He also said: "Each man is tried according to the strength of his religion. If his religion were to be more unyielding, then his trials would be increased." Job never lost his patience in all of this but was an example of steadfastness and became an example also of one who dealt with every type of trial.


Job recovers from his afflictions


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