Jonah was angry because his people repented and God did not destroy them. So he rode a ship in the sea when a storm hit them, the seas rolled, the ship was heavy and almost sank. The people drew lots among themselves to see who was the cause, that this person might be thrown overboard. The lot fell on Jonah, the prophet of God, so they drew lots again, and a second time it fell on Jonah. Then a third time they drew lots, and it fell on Jonah again, so they knew that God had intended him in this matter.

God sent a great fish from the great sea to swallow Jonah. God commanded the fish not to eat him as meat and not to bite him, for he was not his food. The fish took him and circled around all of the seas with him. It is also said that this fish was swallowed by another fish even bigger than the first. When Jonah finally determined that he was in the belly of the fish, he thought that he was dead. But then he moved his limbs and knew he was alive, so he prayed to God and said: "My Lord, I am praying myself to you in a place unlike any where you have been worshipped before."


Jonah emerges from the belly of the whale


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