Lot was a relative of Abraham, and was sent as a prophet to the Cities of the Plain. One of these cities was Sodom. Lot had emigrated with Abraham from his home and settled in the city of Sodom in the land of Gomorra. There was a people in that place who had great cities. These were the most reprehensible, evil, and unbelieving of people. The practiced highway robbery and had illicit sex in their meeting places. They were more immoral than any of the sons of Adam who had preceded them, having sex with other men and rejecting women. Lot called them to the worship of God alone and forbade them from doing the immoralities which God prohibited them, but they did not answer him and not a single man from among them believed in Lot. They did not renounce their ways but continued doing as they had, desiring the explusion of their messenger from their midst. God kept Lot and his family, except for his wife, pure. He evacuated them from the city but left the others there forever.


The Destruction of Sodom


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