Perhaps more than any other, the stories of Moses dominant the narratives of the prophets in the Quran. For this reason, the stories of the prophets also devote long sections to his miraculous birth, upbringing in the court of the Pharaoh, his sojourn in Midian, his encounter with God, his interactions with the Pharaoah and his magicians, and his eventual leading of the Israelites out of Egypt.

The rod of Moses is also featured prominently in many of the stories. When Moses intended to depart from Shuayb his father-in-law, he commanded his wife to ask her father to give her something off which to live from among his sheep. From his sheep Shuayb gave to his daughter those that would be born speckled (neither all white or all black) during that year. His sheep were all a perfect black at that time. So Moses hurried off with his rod and he held it by one end and put it near the water trough of the sheep. He caused the sheep to come and gave them water. Moses stood facing the water trough and no sheep came by whose side he did not hit. All of them mated, their teats enlarged, and they gave birth to speckled young.


Moses' rod swallows the Egyptian magicians and their magic


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