Solomon sent a letter to the Queen of Sheba calling upon her to obey God and obey his messenger, and to submit to his kingship and authority. The Hoopoe bird carried the letter, came to her castle, and gave it to her while she was alone. Then he waited to one side, watching to see what her response would be to the letter.

When Solomon's reply reached the people of Sheba from the prophet of God, they had no choice but to listen and obey. They answered his call in that same hour, and went to him with the queen, altogether, showing obedience. When Solomon heard of their arrival, he gathered his groups of Jinn and made a request of them. The throne of Sheba was encrusted with all types of gems, gold, and jewels. Solomon requested that the Jinns bring him the throne of Bilqis, on which she sat when she ruled.

Solomon had ordered the building of a tower from glass, and to make water flow from it. He put slabs of glass on it, and put fish and other water animals in it. She was ordered to enter the tower while Solomon was sitting on his throne in the tower.


Solomon on his throne


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