Pitt Rivers


Teaching Information


University of Chicago (1990-1991)
Islamic Civilization
Semitic Religions
Islamic Religion
Near Eastern Late Antiquity

Macalester College (1991-1992)
Eastern Religions
Western Religions
Sacrifice and the Study of Religion

Earlham College (1992-1993)
Humanities Core Course I and II
Islam and Political Change
State and Society in the Middle East

Vanderbilt University (1993-1995)
Eastern Religions
Western Religions
Classical Arabic
Government of Ritual
Approaches to the Study of Religion
Seminar: Eliade and the Study of Religion

Pennyslvania State University (1995-1996)
World Religions

University of Washington (1996-2005)
Knowledge and Authority: The social use of texts in the medieval Near East
Advanced Arabic
Introduction to the Quran
Introduction to Western Religions
Prophets in Islam and Judaism
Approaches to the Study of Religion
Quran and its Interpretation
Ritual and Legal Texts
Stories of the Prophets
Quran and Bible Masorah
Scripture in Islam
Ritual and Law in Islam
Comparative Islamic Studies Seminar
Legends of Alexander the Great
Islamic Law
Holy Land in Late Antiquity and Early Islam
Islamic Cities
North Arabic Inscriptions
Islamic Political Theories

United States Naval Academy (2005-Present)
Western Civilization to 1776
Islam and Politics
History of Religions
Islam and the Middle East
Readings in Classical Arabic
West in Global Context
Islamic Texts


Reading Lists
Near Eastern Culture
Comparative Islamic Studies
Study of Religion


Pitt Rivers