City of Ubar

Road to Ubar. 70k dirt road from Thumrait in Dhofar region of eastern Oman. The archaeological site was discovered in the modern Omani city of Shisr. Archaeologists have found no evidence linking this site to the fabled city of Ubar, or Wabar, known as the "Atlantis of the Sands" because it was thought to be lost in the desert after its people were destroyed by God. Ubar is the name given to the city which is known as "Iram" in the Quran, the city of the people of Ad to whom the prophet Hud was sent. The archaeological site is dated to a time which would make it contemporary to when the people of Ad would have lived according to the evidence provided by Quran exegetes.

One of the partially reconstructed stone buildings from the ancient city of Ubar.


Another view of the poorly excavated site.


Tombs of prophets

Pitt Rivers