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Professor Chun

I'm married to a good looking fellow and we have two adorable children.  In our free time, my husband and I play Ultimate Frisbee together, which is what we were doing when we first met.  On Sundays, we attend Christ Our Anchor in Cape St. Claire, our local community.

In my spare time, I like to write poetry, short stories, novels, plays, screenplays, and comics.  I also like to read.  Autobiography of Red and Invisible Cities are two of my favorite books.  Wes Anderson movies (Life Aquatic and Moonrise Kingdom) and Aaron Sorkin tv shows (Newsroom and Studio 60) are high on my list of good things.  & have I mentioned Friday Night Lights and Sherlock?

My twin sister and brother-in-law are professors in the mathematics department at West Virginia University University of Technology.  My parents are Lutherans and actuaries.  My two little brothers are Episcopalian businessmen.

My PhD advisor, James Oxley, is a mathematics professor at Louisiana State University.

My MFA advisor, Laura Mullen, is a creative writing professor at Louisiana State University.

Here are some links that I like.

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