Final group essay

Part of your final is the following group essay. This is due at the beginning of the final.

Sensitivity analysis, 4/30

We finished talking about sensitivity analysis

sensitivity analysis, SOFS, 4/27

We talked about how to algebraically calculate the impact of changing one right-hand side.

CSC, shadow prices, 4/23

We finished section 9.3 by proving complementary slackness conditions. We also talked about shadow prices and economic interpretations of the dual, which are discussed in section 9.6.

Reading 4/25 is 10.1-10.2. Reading for 4/27 is 10.2-10.3

Also, the last problem set NOT to be handed in is here.

Strong duality, 4/16

Today we discussed strong duality. The reading for today was 9.3. The reading for Wednesday is 9.6.

Taking duals, 4/12

This contains a description of a helpful mnemonic to taking duals.

Prof. Traves, 4/10-4/13

Prof. Traves will be substituting on these days. The reading is 9.1--9.3, pp. 317-333.

Also, homework 9 is available and is due on Monday, 4/16. Please note that it is due soon.

Upcoming quiz and test

There will be quiz on Friday, 4/13.

Also, there will be the last test of the term on Friday, 4/20.

Finally, the final exam is currently scheduled for Wednesday, 5/9.

Phase I, Bland's rule, degeneracy, 4/9

We finished the example from Friday. Here is a transcript of the matlab session. Also, note that the glossary has been updated. Finally, your graded homework is on my door! Please pick it up!!

Phase I, 4/6

We discussed Phase I, which is also described in 8.4 of the text. Here is a transcript of the matlab session.

Simplex and matlab, 4/4

Today we used matlab to do a pivot in matlab. Here is a tutorial and an accompanying script. To download matlab and install on your computer, you should visit this page and follow the directions there. Note that you need an internet connection through USNA to access the license for Matlab. The script we wrote in class is here.

Simplex, 4/2

Today we finished our description of the Simplex algorithm. Please check your email for a reminder about the class meeting place on 4/4.

Simplex, 3/30

Today we started to show how to modify local search into the Simplex algorithm. Homework 8 is now available and due on Monday, 4/9, in class. Please note that you should be using MATLAB for some of these problems and that we will discuss this in class on Wednesday, 4/4.

Extreme points, FTLP, 3/26

We discussed extreme points and the fundamental theorem of linear programming. Reading for this week is 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 8.1.

Please note that Homework 7 is now due on Friday, 3/30, in class.

Convex sets, 3/20

We started talking about convexity. Reading for this section is 6.3. Homework 7 is posted and is due Friday, 3/30, in class. Please note that there are proofs in this homework assignment and you should start it early!

Search algorithms, 3/9

We finished our discussion of knapsack problem heuristics. Please read 6.1 and 6.2 for Wednesday. Note that 6.2 is crucial for doing part of the homework.

Algorithms for optimization problems, 3/2

We discussed optimization algorithms and the key questions. For reading, see pp. 159--173 from Chapter 5. Also, homework 6 is posted and is due on 3/9 in class.

Test and quizzes

UPDATE: Test 1 will be given on Wednesday, Feb. 29. There will be quizzes on 2/17 and 2/24.


The glossary has been updated.

Networks and shortest paths, 2/22, 2/24

We talked about shortest path problems and formulated a car repurchase problem as a shortest path problem. Note that our formulation was identical to that in the Front Range Feeder article. We also discussed the general problem formulation.

Homework 5

Here is homework 5. Please also note the update to the announcement above about the test.

Game Theory and minimax/maximin, 2/15

We finished formulating rock-paper-scissors with this excel sheet. The quiz on Friday is based on homework 3 and the associated chapters/lectures.

Sensor location, Game Theory, 2.7, 2/13

We finished formulating the sensor location problem.

Homework 4

Homework 4 is due Wed., 2/15 at 5pm.

Quiz 2, sensor location 2/10

Quiz 2 was given and we began formulating the sensor location problem. Reading for today was 2.7. Reading for next week has been updated in the sidebar. Also, here is a file with known book errors.

Excel and Groupwork 2/8

Today we reviewed some of the ideas of summations and how excel interacts with Solver using this sheet.

Sailco 2/6

We formulated the Sailco problem.

Finco, 2/3

We modeled the finco problem. There was an error in the formulation and the bonus problem due Wed., 2/8 was to hand in a correct formulation.

Production processes, 2/1

We generalized the bevco problem to accomadate several final products. The finco problem was handed out and we will model this in Friday's class (2/3). Groupwork 4 is available.

Finally, reading for tomorrow's class is 2.6.

Production processes, 1/30

Here is a formulation for the sunco problem.

Today we talked about the BevCo problem. Reading relevent to the production process problem is 2.5.

Also, homework 3 is available.

Finally, reading for tomorrow's class is 2.5.

Blending, reading, 1/25, 1/27

We formulated the SunCo blending problem.

To guide your reading, we have covered material in Sections 1.1-1.3 and 2.1-2.4. We will be covering material from 2.5 and 2.6 next week.

Please note the due dates for the homework and group work. Also, there will be a quiz on Monday, 1/30.

Diet, McDonald's, excel, 1/23

We formulated the diet problem in excel and solved the problem with McDonald's data. See here for an updated version of the sheet. Feel free to use this sheet for your homework. Also, you are to use this sheet for the new groupwork assignment which is due Wednesday, 2/1. We will discuss this sheet and problem further in Wednesday's class. Also, given where we are, the homework 2 due date is Monday, 1/30.

Diet, 1/19

We described and formulated the diet problem in NPS format. Homework 2 is now available.

Enhancing lemonade stands, 1/18

We described and formulated additional constraints and variables for the lemonade stand problem. We also started describing the NPS modeling format, which should be used for all formulations (although it is not needed for the first homework problem). Here is a description of the format along with an example.

Article discussions, 1/13

We discussed the three articles today and each group is to hand in a writeup on Wednesday, 1/18 and the beginning of class. Here are further details about what to write. Also, here is the first homework, which is due Friday, 1/20 at the beginning of class. Be sure to email me any questions and let me know if you'd like to meet for EI.

More definitions, lemonade, 1/11

We discussed some more definitions and critiques of the lemonade/sorbet problem from 1/10. See here for a glossary of the terms we discussed. I will update this file throughout the semester (see sidebar for a link).

First lecture, 1/10

Here are the lecture notes for the first lecture. Also, here are the discussion questions to prepare for this Friday. Note that the articles are available electronically on blackboard. Today in class we described this example. Tomorrow (Wed. 1/11), we will further discuss and critique our model as well as discuss finding an optimal solution.


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