Game theory assignment, 4/22

The last assignment of the year is the gametheory coding assignment. You will also need the files ReplaceWithYourLastname_game.mod, rps.dat, and stocks.dat.

Game theory, 4/19

We discussed game theory and considered some problems that can arise. The first note was written by Professor Uhan and summarizes the game theory of zero-sum games. The second is more specific to the idea that the "min of a max" is not necessarily the same as the "max of a min". It also lays out the two linear programs the row and column players of rock-paper-scissors use.

Duality and the S.O.B., 4/10

Today, we talked about a mnemonic to help us take duals. As class work, we took a dual of the LP in this file. We graphed both the primal and dual as well and examined the optimal solution.

Group work

The group work is due on Monday, 3/25. Note that the work due is the last part of question 5 (and the bonus if you wish to do it).

Bonus for Friday, 3/1

Complete this problem for 5 bonus points on Test 2. Please note there was a mistake made in class in stating the problem. The correction is in red.

Bonus for Wednesday, 2/27

Complete these calculations for 5 bonus points on Test 2.

The diet problem, files

In the diet problem, you are to hand in THREE model files and THREE data files.

The diet problem

Here is the diet problem assignment. Files needed are the model file as well as the data for the different restaurants, which can be found on blackboard.

Class notes, Monday 2/3

We redid the farmer Jones cake, Fulkerson Candle, and Terre Haute Door company problems using index sets and summations. Mathprog (gusek) code for the generic resource planning problem can be found here. Data for the farmer jones and candle problem will run with the generic resource model. The Terre Haute Door company problem requires a new model file to go with its data file.

Class notes, Wednesay, 1/30 and Friday 2/1

We introduced index sets on Wednesday and talked about the diet problem on Friday. The solution to the problems in the lecture note can be found here and the code for the diet problem can be found here and here.

Class notes, Monday, 1/28

Today we talked about these problems. Note the three solutions for the gps problem. Also, the solution to the homework is on blackboard.

NEW: Sidebar has GUSEK work

Note that the sidebar now has the schedule for GUSEK work to be handed in!

Class notes, Friday 1/25

Here was the problem we did as class notes as well as the solution. Also, the solution to the quiz is on blackboard.

Quiz 2

Please note that quiz 2 is this Friday and will cover the material in sections 2.1-2.3.

Class notes, Wednesday 1/23

Here are the class notes. 2nd period: sunco and DoggyChow; 3rd period: sunco and DoggyChow; and 4th period: sunco and DoggyChow.


Here is a document on how to run gusek, here is the cake example file again, and here is the work scheduling model.

Additional office hour at mathlab

I will now be doing mathlab on Thursdays at 1st period. You are all welcome to come by then.


Please note that the homework for the quiz next Wednesday is 2.1, 2.3, 2.6, 2.11, and 2.12. You only need to FORMULATE the models - you do not need to solve for the optimal solution. However, both 2.3 and 2.11 must also be coded into Gusek. I will announce the due date this Friday for the Gusek code.

Work scheduling

On Wednesday, 11/16, we talked about work scheduling and modeled this example.

Code and models

The code file began on Friday, Jan 11 can be found completed here. Also, the file with the models we examined in class on Monday can be found here.


Please download this file before coming to class. If you cannot download that, try this file.


Please note that the homework that the first quiz will be based on is 1.1 (a)-(d) and 1.2. The quiz date will be on Wednesday, Jan 16.

First, second day

Hi all -- you have had one class now taught by LT Devoto, Prof. Uhan, or Prof. Wakefield. In the next class, I'll hand out the section policies and course syllabus.


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