A note on variance.

The following note contains the derivation of the variance of two random variables added together as well as the derivation of the variance of a constant multiplied by a random variable.

Arena, global variables, 10/17.

Today we worked further on arena and worked through this lab.

Antithetical variables, 10/15.

A sheet demonstrating the technique can be found here. Note that homework has been posted -- see the sidebar.

Arena, 10/10.

Today we introduced arena and worked through this lab.

Lecture 8, 9/19.

The notes we used are here. We need this sheet, for the lab today.

Lectures 7, 9/17.

We took notes in class on inverse transforms. Please note the homework has been updated!

Lectures 5 and 6, 9/5,9/10.

We worked further on the excel sheet from Lecture 4 in Lecture 5. In Lecture 6, we talked about random number generation. Note that the reading and homework have been updated.

Lecture 4, 8/29.

We discussed sample means and variances as well as how to use confidence intervals. The notes and labs are in this file. Please note the corrections and new due date!

Lecture 3, 8/27.

Today, we talked about some performance measures using these notes.

Room change, file

As of Thursday, 8/22, we will be in MI003 on Thursdays. Also, for today's class (i.e., 8/22) you will be using the following file. The notes from this class can be found here.


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