Flux, 12/8

Three assignments are posted on WebAssign that are only counted towards your grade if you email me. They are important however, and you are responsible for this material on the final. They are labeled with the topic and then the word "practice".

Divergence, 12/7

Please note that you may resubmit any assignments and redo any WebAssign by Friday, 12/16.

Green's Theorem, 11/30

Your third test is on Monday, 12/5, and covers material through and including 16.4. We will work on a practice exam on Friday, 12/2.

Green's Theorem, 11/28

Reading: 16.4
Homework (due Thursday, 12/1): 16.3:34(a,b) (be sure to read examples 4 and 6 from 16.1)

You have until Wednesday, 12/7, to resubmit your group work on proofs for full credit.
Keep in mind that Green's theorem is a version of the fundamental theorem for line integrals.

Homework extensions

The homework originally due Wed, 11/16, is now due Thursday, 11/17. This was 16.2: 2, 16, 40.

The homework originally due Fri, 11/17, is now due Monday, 11/20. This was 16.2: 42, and 16.3: 14, 22.

Test 3

The third test is scheduled for Monday, 12/5. Material to be tested will be, tentatively, all through 16.5, with an emphasis on 15.7-16.5.

Wednesday, 11/16, EI

Homework due next Wednesday, 11/23, is 16.3:12, 20.
Here is the example from class.

Bonus question, due 11/16

Answer the problem given here.

Tuesday, 11/15, EI

There will be additional EI during 5th and 6th periods on Tuesday, 11/15.

Line integrals, take 2 11/14

Group work from class is due Wed, 11/16.

Line integrals, 11/10

Reading: 16.2-16.3
Homework due Wed., 11/16 is 16.2: 2, 16, 40
due Fri., 11/18 is 16.2:42, 16.3:14, 22

Exam 2 redux, vector fields 11/9

The homework due on Mon., 11/14, is 16.1:11-18.

Cylindrical and Spherical coordinates, 11/7

The homework due on Wed., 11/9, was the group work from Monday, 11/7. The homework due on Thursday, 11/10, is 15.7: 18 and 15.8: 26. You only need to set up the integrals.

Exam 2 is scheduled for Friday, 11/4 The test will cover all sections through 15.6. The focus will be on sections 14.5-15.6 (except 14.7-8) and 12.6. Please note that you are responsible for all material before 14.5 as well.

Practice exam, 11/2-11/3

The most up-to-date version of the practice exam is here and the most up-to-date version of the solutions is here.

Schedule for the week of 10/31

Monday: 15.7-8, spherical and cylindrical coordinates
Wednesday: Practice exam
Thursday: Change: Practice exam review
Friday: Exam 2

Triple integrals, in-class work, 10/28

Reading: Read 15.7 for Monday
Homework due Monday, 10/31: 8, 30

Here is the in-class work. Solutions are next to the door of my office.

Triple integrals 10/27

Reading: Read 15.6
Homework due Monday, 10/31: 8, 30.

Probability Density, group work, 10/26

Reading: Read 15.6 for 10/27 lecture
If you need review on polar coordinates, read 10.3.

PDF,CDF,expectation, group work, 10/24

Reading: Ch. 15.5, pp.985-988
Homework due Thursday, 10/27 is: 15.4:12,32.

Polar coordinates, group work, 10/21

Reading: Ch. 15.4
Please hand in the group work on Monday, 10/24.

Integrals over general regions, polar coordinates, 10/20

Reading: Ch. 15.4
Homework due Wednesday, 10/26 is: 15.3:46, 52

Integral interchange, 10/19

Reading: Ch. 15.3
Homework due Friday, 10/21 is 15.3:8, 16.
Please note that WebAssign14 is due Friday, 10/21.

Double integrals between two curves, 10/14

Reading: Ch. 15.3
There will be a substitute on Monday, 10/17, Commander Foraker.

Double integrals, take 2, 10/13

Reading: Ch. 15.2
The WebAssign13 due date has been changed to Wednesday, 10/19.

Double integrals, 10/12

Reading: Ch. 15.1-15.2
Homework due Friday, 10/14, is 15.2: 4, 16, 26 (p. 964) A new WebAssign will be due Monday, 10/17.

Flatland, 10/7

Reading: Review Ch. 5-7. read 15.1-2 for Wednesday.
The WebAssign due on Wednesday should help review integrals. For those interested, Flatland is based on the novel of the same name written in 1884 by E. A. Abbot. The book's copyright has expired and so, can be downloaded here. Please keep in mind there is a fair amount of political commentary in both the book and film that is not relevent to this course; please focus on the mathematical ideas expressed about dimension.

Cylinders and quadrics, 10/6

Reading: Ch. 12.6
Submit the group work on Friday 10/7. We are starting Chapter 15 tomorrow, and the topic is integrals. So I'm posting a WebAssign homework that will help you review single integrals.

Cylinders and quadrics, 10/5

Reading: Ch. 12.6
Homework due Friday, 10/7: 12.6: 14,16,22,24
Bonus: 12.6: 48

Class: 10/3

Reading: 14.6 (Normals to tangent planes), p. 917-919
Homework due Wednesday, 10/5: 14.6: 40 (resubmit if you wish)
Extra credit (will replace lowest homework grade of equal value): 42, 44

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