Tentantive Syllabus: syllabus.pdf                     


        Class Notes (in Microsoft One-Note format): Download all four files in one folder.  Open Microsoft OneNote and open the .onetoc2 file.

        Chapter 1.one 

        Chapter 2.one

        Chapter 3.one

        Chapter 5.one

        Open Notebook.onetoc2 

                Left handed integral code lhi.m

                Fixed point code fxpt2.m

                Order of convergence code ooc.m


        The links below will work only after the homework has been collected.

        Solutions to Homework Problems

      Section 1.1: Section1.1.pdf

        Section 1.2: Section1.2.pdf

        Section 1.3: Section1.3.pdf

        Section 1.4: Section1.4.pdf

        Section 2.1: Section2.1.pdf

        Section 2.3: Section2.3-2.4.pdf

        Equation Sheet: Test1-Eqns.pdf

        Section 3.2: Section3.0-3.2.pdf

        Section 3.3: Section3.3.pdf 

        Section 3.4: Section3.4-3.5.pdf

        Section 3.8: Section3.8.pdf

        Practice Test 2: T2prac.pdf

        Solutions to Practice Test 1: T2prac-soln.pdf

        Equation Sheet: Test2-Eqns.pdf

        Section 5.1: Section5.1.pdf

        Section 5.3: Section5.3.pdf


        Section 6.2: Section6.2.pdf

        Section 6.3: Section6.3.pdf

        Section 6.4: Section6.4.pdf

        Section 6.5: Section6.5.pdf