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Susan Margulies

       Assistant Professor
   margulie at usna dot edu

Department of Mathematics  
United States Naval Academy  


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Enjoying dinner with friends
in Washington D.C..

A publicity photo for teaching at the
Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists
(PAWMA) summer camp.
I co-taught (with Sifu Valerie Lee)
Baji Quan, Pigua Zhang and Chinese sword.

A very special picture, taken at the
Mathematics of Klee & Grünbaum: 100 Years in Seattle
conference (
link) in July 2010. This is my thesis advisor,
Jesus A. De Loera (far left), with his entire collection
of former graduate students!
From the left, there is Ruriko Yoshida, Tyrrell McAllister,
Susan Margulies, David Haws, and Edward Kim.
Peter Huggins (far right) is included with us, since Jesus was his
undergraduate mentor, and set him properly on his Ph.D. path.
With many more to come I'm sure...
Jesus, Rudy and I want another "academic younger sister"!

The awards ceremony for the INFORMS Computing Society Prize 2010:
Jeffrey T. Linderoth (far left),
Jesus A. De Loera, Susan Margulies, Jon Lee,
Robert Vanderbei (far right)