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Mike Hoffman is an avid runner and from 1995-2003 served as race director for the Earth Day 5-K, held in Quiet Waters Park on the weekend closest to Earth Day every spring.

Earth Day 5-K

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A Running Conversation with Mike Hoffman

Q. Do you run a lot?

A. Rarely more than once a day. Over the past few years I've averaged about five miles a day.

Q. Are you one of those obsessive-compulsive types who writes down every run he's ever done?

A. Only those since February 24, 1990, when I started my training log.

Q. Is your training log online?

A. Heck no! I wouldn't want to let out my training secrets.

Q. I suppose you also have a list of every race you've ever run.

A. Actually, the list only covers races since February 24, 1990. I ran some races before that but didn't keep records of them.

Q. What was your best running experience?

A. I've had several very good ones, but I think the best was the first Naval Institute 5-K in April 1996, when I finished first. It was the first race I ever won.

Q. How about your worst experience?

A. Undoubtedly the Cherry Pit 10-miler in April 1991. I got dehydrated and passed out about 8 miles into it. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and spent about six hours in the emergency room.

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