Contents and Contributors for
Naval Operations Analysis, Third Edition, Naval Institute Press, 1999

Chapter and Title

Contributors (taken from the Preface)

1 Operations Analysis: A Scientific Basis for Operational Decisions

Adapted1; Daniel H. Wagner added most of sections 102, 108, and 109, and Thomas J. Sanders added parts of 108 and most of the problems, including several adapted from the classic Morse and Kimball text.

2 Decision Criteria

Adapted1; Charles R. Frye added section 204, Thomas J. Sanders added the problems for 204, and Daniel H. Wagner added section 205

3 Simulation

Thomas J. Sanders

4 Sonar and Radar Sensors
PART A Sonar Detection
PART B Radar Detection

Frank A. Andrews
David E. Anderson

5 Cumulative Detection Probability

Daniel H. Wagner

6 Lateral Range Curves and Sweep Width

Adapted1 by W. Charles Mylander

7 Search and Patrol

Adapted1 by W. Charles Mylander

8 Computer-Assisted Search

Daniel H. Wagner

9 Barrier Patrols

Adapted1 by W. Charles Mylander; Daniel H. Wagner added 906

10 Mine Warfare

Alan R. Washburn, with help on history from Fred P. Sutter

11 Bearings-Only Target Motion Analysis

Daniel H. Wagner and Mark S. Meltser

12 Target Coverage

Steven C. Rowland, based largely on results of Alan R. Washburn

13 Fleet Air Warfare

Thomas J. Sanders adapted1 section 1301 and added section 1302, section 1303 was adapted1 by Richard Phares, and the history was added by Richard J. Hunt

14 Reliability

James D. Esary

Appendix A ProbabilityBThe Mathematics of Uncertainty

Adapted1 by Thomas D. Quint and Thomas J. Sanders

Appendix B Linear Programming Formulation of Matrix Games

Thomas D. Quint

Appendix C Use of Decibels

Frank A. Andrews and David E. Anderson

1 "adapted" means adapted from the second edition

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