Mathematical Models for Decision Making

SA367 ■ Spring 2018
Assoc. Prof. Nelson Uhan


13 Feb The deadline to resubmit a quiz/exam for the 6-week marking period is at the beginning of class on Tuesday 20 February.
1 Feb

Plan for next week

T 6 Feb
  • Finish Lesson 6
  • Review
W 7 Feb Exam EI, 19:00 - 20:00 in CH348
R 8 Feb Exam 1

Exam 1

  • Covers Lessons 1-5.
  • You will not be asked to write code, but you may be asked to read and interpret code.
  • No outside materials allowed.
22 Jan

Instructions for resubmissions

  • Print a blank quiz/exam (see below). Redo the problems you want to submit.
  • Print and fill out a resubmission cover sheet. Here is the honor statement:
    I pledge on my honor that I have not used any unauthorized materials, and that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance for this resubmission.
  • Follow the guidelines in the course policy statement. In particular:
    • No collaboration allowed. All work must be your own.
    • You may use your own course materials (e.g., notes, homework), as well as any materials directly linked from the course website. You may not use any other materials.
  • Submit the cover sheet, your redone problems, and your original quiz/exam.
11 Jan Welcome!

General information

Python Resources


Date Problems
20 Feb Bring your computers to the next class.
15 Feb Dynamic Distillery and Pear Computers, revisited (zip)
Bring your computers to the next class.
13 Feb Pear Computers
Bring your computers to the next class.
1 Feb Dynamic Distillery
30 Jan Reverse engineering
25 Jan Shapley Sneakers and Primal Praline Company, revisited (zip)
Bring your computers to the next class.
18 Jan Practice with Python (zip)
Bring your computers to the next class.
16 Jan Primal Praline Company
Follow these instructions to install Python and Jupyter on your computer. Bring your computers to the next class.
11 Jan Familiarize yourself with the course policy statement.
Shapley Sneakers


Dates Lesson
20 Feb 9 Big DPs and the curse of dimensionality Notes
15 Feb 8 Solving dynamic programs with networkx
13 Feb 7 Dynamic programming, cont.
  • 6 Feb
  • 1 Feb
6 Introduction to dynamic programming Notes
  • 30 Jan
5 The mileage running problem
25 Jan 4 Solving shortest path problems with networkx
  • 23 Jan
  • 18 Jan
3 Introduction to Jupyter and Python
16 Jan 2 The shortest path problem, cont. Notes
11 Jan 1 Introduction and the shortest path problem Notes


Date Quiz
1 Feb Quiz 3
25 Jan Quiz 2
18 Jan Quiz 1


Date Exam
8 Feb Exam 1