USNA Pure Mathematics Seminar

The talks for the academic year 2001-2002 are held Wednesday in Chauvenet 201 at 3:45 pm unless otherwise stated.




Gene Berg




An Application of Finite Fields to Error-Correcting Codes


Abstract: First, we will introduce block codes with a binary Hamming code. Second, after a quick review of GF(16), we will build a 2-error correcting Reed-Solomon code with block length fifteen (fifteen 4-bit symbols for a total of 60 bits), and eleven information symbols (44 bits) per codeword. We will illustrate the decoding algorithm. Third, we will discuss turbo codes with any remaining time.


Time: Noon, Wednesday Dec 5, 2001


Biography: After receiving his BA in mathematics from Augsburg College, and with the encouragement of his hometown community, Gene Berg served as a forward observer and as a 105 mm. howitzer battery executive officer in Vietnam. After his discharge and with the support of the GI Bill, he received his PhD in mathematics from Colorado State University in 1975. He taught mathematics one year at Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 1976 he has been a mathematician at the National Security Agency, specializing in comunications-related mathematics.


Reception in the common room on the 3rd floor of Chauvenet Hall before the talk.