Policy statement for SM212 Differential Equations
Prof. David Joyner
Office: Chauvenet, 3rd floor
Phone: X36738
email: wdj@usna.edu
office hrs: F3 (math lab), Th4 - others by appt (eg, during the lunch period)

By the end of this course, the student should know the topics in the course objective. In particular,

  1. To provide the standard methods for solving differential equations as well as methods based on the use of matrices or Laplace transforms.
  2. To demonstrate how differential equations can be useful in solving many types of problems - in particular, to show how to translate problems into the language of differential equations, to find or numerically approximate the solution of the resulting differ- ential equation subject to given conditions, and to interpret the solutions obtained.
  3. To study Fourier series and solve boundary values problems.
  4. To develop numerical methods for solving differential equations.
  5. To help prepare for the mathematics needed in the FE Exam (Fundamentals of Engineering).

URL for SM212 class webpage: http://www.usna.edu/Users/math/wdj/teaching/differential-equations.php. (You will find the syllabus, lecture notes, USNA Math tables, old exams, etc, there.)
URL for this webpage: http://www.usna.edu/Users/math/wdj/_files/documents/teach/sm212/sm212_policy.html

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