SM212 Computer Projects: First steps in Sage.

Question: How do you login to and do the Euler's method computer project CP1?

Answer: First, right click this link and select "save target as": Euler's method CP1 worksheet.

Next, point your browser (chrome or firefox) to right When you first visit, you will see this screen:

You can login by either

Once logged in, you will see something like this screen:

Click the green "star a project" button and name your project something like "SM212 CP". Once you do this, you will see something like this screen:

Click the upload button and upload the sagews file (the one you saved above) to your sagemath account. The worksheet is very similar to the computer project, but with a numbers slightly changed (The ODE is the same by the ICs are different). I have also done the a little more than the computer project requires, for example I also worked out Euler's method for h=1/3, 1/4, 1/10 (you only have to do 1/10 in for the CP) and I plotted points that Euler's method gives, which you don't have to do.

Just change the numbers in each cell to those in the Euler's method 'problem in the textbook (as stated in the syllabus) and re-run all the commands by hitting "shift-enter" into each cell. Print out the worksheet to turn it in.
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