Policy statement for SM261
Prof. David Joyner
Office: Chauvenet.
Phone: X36738, email: wdj@usna.edu
Office Hours: T3, MWF4. (Others, eg, before school or lunchtime, by appt.)

Assigned homework will be due weekly as indicated in class (usually on a Wednesday or Friday). No late homework will be accepted without an excuse such as MO or sickness. The last homework set is due the last day of class and no class work can be turned in after that.

The use of the TI92/Voyage on the individual exams/final will not be allowed. No laptops or cellphone during class.

Quizzes, if we have time for any, will be open notes. The tests will be as in the syllabus, or as close as possible.

Grading formulas:

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