Policy statement for SM291
Prof. David Joyner
Office: Chauvenet, 3rd floor
Phone: X36738, email: wdj@usna.edu
Office Hours: F3 (in mathlab), Th 4, by appt

Assigned homework will be due weekly as indicated in class. Late homework is not allowed without an excuse (such as SIQ or MO).

At most 10 2-page projects in 12pt LaTeX, compiled as a pdf, can be handed in for extra credit (at most 4%). They must be in LateX, and only the definitions, a result you are proving, and a valid proof count towards your page total. Pictures or exposition, such as history or motivations or applications, will not count to the page total. Each student is limited to 10 projects. I'll allow some join projects, but only if you have satisfactorily handed in enough individual ones. They are due at the 12 week point.

The last homework set is due the last day of class and no class work can be turned in after that.

The term project will be a technical paper written in LaTeX.
Outline of project due: 6 weeks
First draft due: 12 weeks
Final draft due: last day of class.

The Final project can overlap your extra credit projects.

Grading formulas:

6-week, 12-week grade=((.3)T+(.2)H+(.2)P)/.7,


final grade=(.3)F+(.3)T+(.2)H+(.2)P.

Prof W. D. Joyner, 2017-01-05