Policy statement for SM342 Discrete mathematics
Prof. David Joyner
Office: Ch. 328
Phone: X36738
email: wdj@usna.edu

Assigned homework will be due before every test. Late homework will be penalized. The homework you hand in is to be your own work.

There are 2 maple computer projects due along with the homework. The first is due before test 1 and the second is due before test 3. They should be treated like homework.

The class will go to the board to do problems as often as possible to practice on problems to be handed out in class. This will be graded. You are expected to work with others.

The tests will be as close to the dates in the syllabus as possible. There will be two papers due, one a biography (3-5 pages, typed, in word or latex or maple), and one paper which is either (a) a math paper which must contain at least one proof or (b) a computer project in MAPLE which clearly explains an algorithm. The biography must be done on your own but the math paper may be done with a partner. The paper is due on April 18th. The bio is due the last day of class.

Grading formulas: (F=final, T=tests, Q=quizzes, H=homework, B=board problems, P=papers (75% paper, 25% bio)

final grade = (.25)F + (.3)T + (.15)Q + (.1)H + (.1)B +(.1)P
period grade = {(.3)T+(.15)Q+(.1)H+(.1)B+(.1)P}/(.75).