Policy statement for SM463
Prof. David Joyner
Office: Chauvenet
Phone: X36738, email: wdj@usna.edu
Office Hours: M2 (in mathlab), T 4, by appt

Assigned homework will be due at 6 week, 12 week, and 16 weeks as indicated in class.

There are computer projects due along with the homework. They should be treated like homework.

The last homework set is due the last day of class and no class work can be turned in after that.

The final exam will be a term project paper. Rough draft of project due: Nov 11
Second draft due: Nov 30
Final draft due: day of final exam.

Grading formulas:

final grade=(.3)T+(.2)Q+(.3)H+(.1)P+(.1)CP,


period grade=((.3)T+(.2)Q+(.3)H+(.1)CP)/(.9).

Prof W. D. Joyner, 10-6-2005