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David Joyner, Math Department

Calculus III - SM221

Vector Calculus links:

Policy statement for SM221

Prof. David Joyner
Phone: X36738, email:
Office Hours: Mon 4th period, Tue 3rd, W 4th (Math lab), before school/lunch by appt.

Assigned homework will be weekly, as indicated in class. Late homework will not be accepted without excuse. We will also have quizzes as often as possible, ideally every two or three weeks. The tests will be as in the syllabus. Grading formulas: 

final grade=(.3)F+(.3)T+(.25)Q+(.15)H,


period grade=((.3)T+(.25)Q+(.15)H)/(0.7),

Extra credit for calc 3: Watch all 35 of the videos on the MIT multivariable calculus website, and hand in 2 handwritten pages of notes per lecture. Due the Friday before the 12 week grades due date. Maximum credit is 3 percent added onto your final grade.

Additional resources for calc 3:

  • old USNA lecture on 3-d coordinate systems:
  • old USNA lecture on 3-d surface sketching:
  • old USNA lecture on quadric surfaces, part 1:
  • old USNA lecture on quadric surfaces, part 2:
  • old USNA lecture on double integrals:
  • old USNA lecture on triple integrals:
  • A short tutorial on interchanging order of integration for a double integral
  • Khan Academy modules on Calculus 3.
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