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David Joyner, Math Department

Discrete Structures, 2 - SM444

This course will cover selected topics in algebraic graph theory. I tried to cover enough material to get a feeling for "calculus on graphs", with applications to sports rankings and the Friendship Theorem.

Three written papers (in latex) were due. The grading of them followed Max Wakefield's writing rubric (pdf). There were also three exams and almost weekly homework exercises, found below under "fun Friday problems."

Lecture notes

Please refer to SM444, Fall 2017-2018 (pdf) for a better idea of the content of this course.

Fun Friday Problems: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, FFP4, FFP5, FFP6, FFP7, FFP8, FFP9, FFP10 (we ran out of time and this last problem set was not collected, so I called it a "practice problem" set).

 Syllabus and policy statement

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