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David Joyner, Math Department

Intermediate Linear Algebra, SM361

On this page you will find the syllabus and policy statement for SM361.

Policy Statement

Assigned homework will be due weekly as indicated in class (usually on a Wednesday or Friday). No late homework will be accepted without an excuse such as MO or sickness. The last homework set is due the last day of class and no class work can be turned in after that.

Unless stated otherwise, the use of calculators on the individual exams/final will not be allowed. Laptops and cellphones are not allowed during class.

Quizzes, if we have time for any, will be open notes. The tests will be at the 6, 12 and 16-week point.

Grading formula:

 final grade=(.30)F+(.25)T+(.20)Q+(.25)H,

where T=test average, Q=quiz average, H=hmwk ave, F=final exam. Interim 6 week and 12 week grade will be pro-rated.

Textbook: The text for Fall 2017-2018 is Lay's Linear Algebra with Application, 4th (or 5th) edition, Pearson.

Extra credit:

  1. Computer projects in the textbook's Lab Manual using the free computer algebra system  Sagemath ( will be allowed as extra credit. You can earn up to 2% extra credit if you do all the Sage Lab Manual (pdf) assignments.
  2. You can also earn extra credit if you write a report on a section of the text we didn’t cover (from chapters 4-10).
  3. All extra credit is due before the 12 week grade point.


Please refer to rough Syllabus (fall 2017-2018) (pdf) and Exercises (pdf) for a good idea of the content. I also covered section 7.1 in detail (and collected homework from that section), though it is missing from the Exercises pdf. To help study for the final exam, I made up this Practice Problem Set (pdf) by taking old sm261 final exam problems and "transfoerring them" from an Rn setting to a polynomial ring R[x]n setting. (A warning, one problem turned out to be unusually hard.)

Lecture notes: pdf.

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