Engineering Heat Transfer
 J. Alan Adams, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
United States Naval Academy

Each lecture below contains Objectives, Theory, Solutions and Review Questions that
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Heat Transfer

  •       Heat Transfer Concepts(Period1.htm)
  •       Combined Modes of Heat Transfer(wall.htm)
  •       Resistance to Heat Transfer(resistance.htm)
  •       Heat Transfer through Multiple Layers(siding.htm)
  •       Least Squares Fit of Experimental Data(Lab1.htm)
  • Chapter 2: 1-D Steady Heat Conduction Chapter 3:  2-D Steady Conduction Chapter 4:  Transient Heat Conduction Chapter 5:  Forced and Free Convection
  •      Introduction to Convection(Conv1.htm)
  •      Experiments for measuring the Convection Coefficient(Lab1a.htm)
  •      Forced Convection over a Flat Plate(plate.htm)
  •      External Free or Forced Confection(free.htm)
  •      Transient Conduction with Variable Free Convection(hvariable.htm)
  •      Internal Forced Convection in Tubes(internal1.htm)
  •      Internal Forced Convection with Variable Properties(internal2.htm)
  •      Internal Laminar Entrance Flow in a Pipe(condenser.htm)
  • Chapter 6:  Laminar Boundary Layer Analysis Chapter 7:  Thermal Radiation Chapter 8:  Heat Exchangers