Engineering Dynamics
 J. Alan Adams, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
United States Naval Academy

Each lecture below contains Objectives, Theory, Solutions and Review Questions that
complement formal classroom lectures. Mathcad 2001i Professional-Academic edition is used.

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Chapter 1: Review of Vectors and Calculus

  •       Vector Addition(vectors.htm)
  •       Vector Algebra(vecalgebra.htm)
  •       Vector Calculus(veccal.htm)
  • Chapter 2: Particle Motion Chapter 3:  Newton's Second Law Chapter 4:  Impulse and Momentum Chapter 5:  Work-Energy
  •      Rolling without Slipping(powerball.htm)
  •      Go-cart Analysis(gocart.htm)
  •      Mass-Spring(energy1.htm)
  •      Block, Spring and Pulley(energy2.htm)
  •      Spring, Collar and Weight(energy3.htm)
  •      Bungee Jumping(bungee.htm)
  • Chapter 6:  Impact Chapter 7:  Dynamic Systems Chapter 8: Planar Kinematics Chapter 9:  Flat Part Properties Chapter 10  Advanced Analysis